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JAG™  Pump Shroud With Feet


Submersible Pump Cooling Shrouds, also referred to as pump shrouds, pump sleeves, flow inducer sleeves, or submersible pump flow sleeves, are essential for borehole-style electric submersible pump motors installed in open bodies of water such as dams or rivers.


These shrouds play a critical role in enhancing motor cooling, thereby extending the overall lifespan of the motor. Poly pump shrouds are meticulously crafted to envelop both the pump and motor, ensuring that water flows closely past the motor for effective cooling.


By maintaining proper cooling conditions, these shrouds safeguard the pump motor against damage, guaranteeing optimal performance.


Key features and benefits:


  • Pump duty point
  • Pump and motor dimensions, particularly motor size
  • Net weight
  • Installation orientation: horizontal or vertical
  • Discharge pipe connection type: flange or spigot
  • Requirement for a float
  • Need for mud sled or bottom protection
  • Minimum pump submergence
  • Requirement for discharge pipe and cable flotation
  • Installation environment (e.g., dam, river, irrigation channel, sump, pump well, etc.


Full Range of Sizes Available on Request

JAG™ Submersible Pump Shroud With Mud Sled

Enhanced Motor Lifespace: By facilitating adequate cooling of the the pump motor, shrouds contribute to prolonging its operational life.

Protection Against Damage: Shrouds shield the pump motor from potential damage caused by overheating, ensuring consistent and reliable performance over time.

Optimal Cooling Efficiency: These shrouds are designed to direct water flow closely past the motor, optimizing cooling efficiency and preventing overheating issues.

Customized Design: Each shroud is individually designed to match specific motor cooling specifications, ensuring precise fit and functionality.

Versatile Applications: Suitable for both horizontal and verticle installations, shrouds can be utilized in various settings where motor cooling may be insufficient, such as dams, rivers, or other open bodies of water.

Compatibility with Protective Accessories: Shrouds can be paired with additional protective accessories like "MUD SLED's" and strainers to further enhance durability and performance, even when suspended under a float.

Cost-Effective Solutions: Investing in submersible pump cooling shrouds can potentially save costs associated with motor repairs or replacements due to overheating-related issues.

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