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JAG™  Poly Foot Valve Registered Design 14258/2014


The innovative design of this new poly foot valve ensures a trouble-free service experience, boasting a large screen area to minimise trash buildup. With no welded metal parts to create corrosion points, it offers enhanced durability.


The valve seat and flap are crafted from G10 high tensile strength resin material for reliable performance.


Key features and benefits:


  • Body constructed from durable HDPE material
  • Electro-polished stainless steel hinge assembly for longevity 
  • Draw-down inlet design for efficient fluid intake
  • Incorporates anti-vortex vanes to prevent turbulence
  • Offers 10 times the inlet open screen area for enhanced filtration
  • Available in sizes ranging from 100mm to 350mm
  • Compatible with AS4087 / T/D flange and backing ring configurations


Full Range of Sizes Available on Request

JAG™ Poly Foot Valve Registered Design 14258/2014 with Skid

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